Hometown, StatePlainview, New York
Branch of ServiceAir Force
Date of Incident09/03/1968
ConflictVietnam 1957-1975
RankFirst Lieutenant
Unit558th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 12th Tactical Fighter Wing
StatusWounded in Action
In Colonel Parlatore's (then a First Lieutenant) summary of the events the day he was wounded, he states: "our trusty ole' Phantom began to pitch up and roll wildly. I was thrown around the cockpit, my head banging off the canopy several times. My front seater (the aircraft commander in the front of the F-4) started to yell at me to eject (the ejection seat literally blows you out of the aircraft). I don't remember much of the ejection only that it was VERY VIOLENT - the impact of the slip steam tore off my helmet, gloves and watch! When I finally got my senses back I was hanging in my parachute 10 - 20 feet off the ground, stuck in a tree - very thankful to be alive!" -This narrative was submitted with the enrollment.

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