Robert Richardson Parks
Hometown, StateNorwalk, Connecticut
Branch of ServiceNavy
Date of Incident05/04/1945
ConflictWorld War II 1941-1945
RankPetty Officer Second Class
UnitUSS Morrison (DD 560)
StatusMissing in Action
On the morning of May 4, 1945, off of Oshima, Japan, the USS Morrison was on station with Ingraham and four landing craft. When enemy planes appeared, Morrison, as usual, coached her combat air patrol into position to intercept and, in an hour long battle, the Corsairs shot down two. Four suiciders struck Morrison in quick succession; three more grazed her and two others narrowly missed. There were also bomb explosions. Ripped apart, Morrison sank in fifteen minutes, before there was time to abandon ship. "Pall bearer" LCS-21 picked up 179 officers and men, 108 of whom were injured. The remaining 152 shipmates, including most of those stationed below decks, were lost and declared missing including RT2C Parks. This narrative was submitted with the enrollment form.

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